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REVIEW: New FourSquare App! (First Impressions)

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Foursquare launches a new revamped mobile app for iOS. Any good? Only time will tell. Here are my thoughts…

Initial Impressions
Upon login you are presented with 3 screens.

“Everything is prettier including a new explore…”
Well yes – everyone likes pretty things.

“Add Foursquare to Facebook”
That feature was already available from the Check In screen so I don’t see a ‘new feature’. However, I have been using Instagram and HootSuite increasingly frequently to check in. Maybe they realised users were leaking to other platforms to check in and this is an attempt to bring Foursquare users back to the Foursquare app.

My biggest issue is that my twitter hashtags and @username mentions clog up Facebook… it would be great to customise the login text per stream… that still remains the same from what I have seen so far.

Much better… 6 icons including new choices PHOTOS and TIPS. No longer do I have to delve back into my check in history to find them… great!

Recent activity is on the homescreen. Great! I hated the fact that my history would be on a different button which, for some inexplicable reason, occasionally displayed YESTERDAY’s activity.

‘Like’ Feature
A heart shaped like icon has appeared. So I can ‘LIKE’ venues. Something borrowed from Facebook. How Foursquare will incorporate this and how useful it will be it yet to be seen.

Check In Comments
My Check In comments are now displayed over the photo. Great but my checkin texts double as tweets which can obscure the picture somewhat when I stretch to 140 characters.

Conversations via check-in comments have never been a strong point for Foursqure. These are now displayed as part of the check in history available from the homepage. More information unobtrusively available with less clicks… I like this a lot.

Explore Button
This screen has had a big overhaul. Gone are the category buttons with icons. Instead I am presented with a map,

I now get the MAP and the categories mixed in with suggestions from my list. Along with a checkin suggestion. Very pretty. However it did take me a while to find Restuarants in this new interface. Slightly annoying. Maybe I’ll get used to it.

Notice I have been offered Desert at 07h20 in the morning…

Save to list
I don’t need to see my own icon on every list… since they are my lists I know that they are mine!

Friends Screen
Hmm, I can see fewer friends on the screen – but at least I can comment on their checkins or now ‘like’ their venues from this screen. I rarely use the conversation feature as not many people check this.

Initial Conclusion
Well, the new Foursquare App is definitely more visually appealing. How the new ‘like’ feature will work is yet to be seen. Let me use the app and I will report back with my findings.

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