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REVIEW: Pitt Cue is back with a Burger for ‘Trailer Trash’

The popular Pitt Cue guys are back under Hungerford Bridge. There is one special on the newly re-opened Pitt Cue Trailer menu and it’s pretty unique… The Trailer Trash Burger

The burger is taller than it is wide!

Inside of the Trailer Trash Burger

Inside of the Trailer Trash Burger

The Trailer Trash Burger has a patty made from Mac ‘N’ Cheese coated in breadcrumb. The burger is topped with pickles and the pulled pork which made them so popular last year. Is it worth a try?

The first thing you notice is that the burger is taller than it is wide! Unlike a regular burger, over-squeezing could result in a macaroni cheese explosion! So unless you have a mouth like Cat Deeley, good luck. (Miss Deeley claims that she can fit her entire mouth over the open end of a pint glass… but I digress).

The mac ‘n’ cheese is damn tasty and I was very surprised how well it held together compared to a solid beef patty. However, I did find myself using hover-over-the-carton caution after losing the occasional piece of pasta.

The pulled pork complements the thick and creamy macaroni cheese. The breadcrumb coating and pickles give a nice crunch and contrasting texture.

The nearest I’ve had to this is the ‘Piggy Smalls‘ from Anna Maes (Mac ‘N’ Cheese topped with pulled pork and pickles).

This is effectively a ‘reverse burger’. Instead of topping a meat patty with cheese and vegatables. It tops a cheese and pasta patty with meat! The Trailer Trash is definitely a ‘must try’ for any burgers fans, especially if you love mac ‘n’ cheese!


June 09, 2012 at 01:05PM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/LpwhqPCc0a/

One comment on “REVIEW: Pitt Cue is back with a Burger for ‘Trailer Trash’

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