REVIEW: TheRibMan’s ‘Holy Mother of God’ Sauce (First Impressions)

“Holy Mother of God” is the newest hot sauce from London street food favourite “The Rib Man”. It will be launched at Jamie Oliver’s Street party on 30th Jun with claims of being the hottest sauce yet! But what is it like?

Holy Mary Mother Of God Sample

The Rib Man is one of the celebrities of the new London ‘Street Food Movement’. His cult status recently recognised with an honorary award at the Young British Foodies. The Rib Man hot sauce range was made to complement his his famous ‘rib rolls’ he serves from food markets across London.

The current line up starts with the his classic “Holy Fuck” hot sauce created to smother his ribs and rib rolls. This was followed by the significantly hotter “Christ on a Bike” sauce. Can “Holy Mother of God” really be much hotter? I tried a dash of “Holy Mother of God” on some pulled pork. It starts with a tasty meaty flavour, familiar to Holy Fuck fans. However the heat starts to sneak up on you just like his Christ On A Bike and continues to march on where its stable mate would plateau.

Here’s the kicker, the heat keeps coming back… in waves. When you stop eating you notice the heat starts building up again! Damn, it took 15 minutes for my taste buds to return, and even now, 3 hours later I swear I can still feel the after effects!

So just how hot is it?
OK, for those you who know your spicy food. Here are some comparisons in HEAT terms… (not taste).

Holy Fuck Sauce (Ribman’s mildest sauce)
This is probably the hottest sauce a mainstream supermarket would dare to sell
Similar in heat to Encona Hot Indian West Pepper Sauce. Holy Fuck is just as tasty but less salty.

Christ On a Bike Sauce (Ribman medium sauce)
I would only expect to find this heat in a specialist ‘ethnic supermarket’ (e.g. a Jamaican or Thai shop)
Slightly hotter than the (no longer available) Walkerswood Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Holy Mother of God (Ribman hot sauce)
I imagine that some ‘specialist websites’ could have sauces hot enough to compete. However, many of them don’t have any flavour, just heat. The ONLY think I can think of which is similar in heat is a hot sauce design for cooking called “Crema di Habanero’ but it’s a completely different flavour profile and designed for chefs to spice-up entire dishes

Final Thoughts
If you thought that Holy Fuck or Christ On A Bike were too hot… forget about trying this… it’s not worth the risk as you’ll probably run crying from the room like a little girl.

If you like hot stuff it’s definitely worth a try. I can’t wait to give it a go on some Ribman Ribs!

As Rib Man is a West Ham fan…. it’s definitely a case of “Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough”

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  1. I live in daventry, northants. Do you post your hottest sauce as i dont like to leave my house?

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