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REVIEW: Patty & Bun Joe, Ari Gold Burger

Patty & Bun Joe (pop-up), The Endurance Pub, 90 Berwick Street, London, W1F 0QB

Pop-ups and burgers are both hot property in the London food scene right now. Patty & Bun Joe’s pop-up burger residence in a Soho pub really cuts the mustard. With a huge thick patty, chunky salad and oodles of sauce, this is a ‘must try’ for burger gourmets!

London burger aficionados have become spoilt for choice. Besides the rise of fancy burger chains, many fantastic independents have sprung up on the street-food circuit. So what does Patty & Bun Joe offer?

This is the “Ari Gold” burger. Which I should add, was their cheapest offering at £7 for a beef burger, cheese, lettuce, pickled onions ketchup, smokey p&b mayo. You wouldn’t know it’s the budget option when faced with a fat 2cm thick patty, covered in chunky slices of salad, drenched with lovely sauce and topped by a shiny topped brioche bun. Eating this behemoth is a challenge for those who don’t like getting messy. The burger was so heavily laden that it’s impossible not to lose bits as you take each bite. By the half-way point, I had gathered a sizeable salad in the ‘baking tray’ the burger is served with.

This is a damn tasty burger and doesn’t skimp on anything at all. It’s so packed that you will lose some of it unless you’re careful. Careful with clean clothing, you have been warned!

Best For?
Great if you like a tasty burger and don’t mind getting messy. Fantastic for getting down and dirty with your fingers.

Tw: @PattyBunJoe
Ww: www.pattyandbun.co.uk

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