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PHOTO: To the girls who spend so much time in gin, I suspect they secretly want to BE a botanical ;) @GinAndCrumpets @GinMonkeyUK

Scribbler, Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TP

OK, that post was in jest (sorry girls) but scribbler does have some classic greetings cards. I have three reasons for posting this picture.

  1. I love dry and pithy humour…
  2. I did instantly think of @GinMonkeyUK and @GinAndCrumpets
  3. I am a very, very sarcastic bastard

Gin Monkey
“Of all the gin joints in all the world she walks into mine”
Tw: @GinMonkeyUK
Ww: www.GinMonkey.co.uk

Gin & Crumpets
“If you can’t drink it, eat it”
Tw: @GinAndCrumpets
Ww: www.GinAndCrumpets.com

Scribbler Cards
Ww: www.Scribbler.com
Tw: @ScribblerCards

June 22, 2012 at 07:12PM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/ML43P-ic_P/

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