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GUIDE: At Taste of London? Do not miss these!

Taste of London (21-24 Jun 2012), Regents Park, London

In a hurry at Taste of London? Here is a quick BEST OF EATING and BEST OF EVERYTHING ELSE guide. Get in there now and enjoy yourselves!



Spice Market Restaurant – “Black Pepper Shrimp & Sundried Pineapple”
“A explosion of flavours. The pieces of pineapple burst into refreshing juice in the mouth, cutting through the rich, earthy flavours of the spiced shrimp.” – Quoted from Taste Of London Blog

Suda – “Chicken Massaman with potatoes and shallots”
These guys were outstanding. The chicken was nice and soft and the flavour was fantastic. This is a dish which I’ve seen messed up so many times, try it here for a good benchmark!

Club Gascon Restaurant – “Marmite Royale”
“A silky duck flan served with Marmite sauce and accompanied by soldiers to dip into it, served in a Marmite jar. “This recipe is for me the ultimate fusion between Gascony and Great Britain, between duck and Marmite,” says the chef” – Quoted from Taste Of London Blog

Busaba Eathai – “Thai Calamari”
The fried calamari is gloriously chunky! It comes complete with the peppercorns used to fry them and some fresh coriander. I eat these nearly every time I’m in Busaba and I’ve never heard anyone not liking them! For me they are a signature dish. You MUST try these, no excuses

Prufrock Ice Cream – “Honeycomb Hash and Rum & Raisin
We used the last of our tokens on a 2-scoop tub of Honeycomb Hash and Rum & Raisin from these guys.



Entertainment: “Koh, Mr Saxman”
In the Thai area, there is a guy energetically blasting out tunes on his sax. No, it’s not Thai restaurant “muzak”, but uplifting stuff. He’s the sort of sax player you expect to see on a 10 second montage in a film. High energy, entertaining and crowd pulling!

Relaxing: VIP Tent
If it starts raining get in the VIP tent quick as it has a private bar, and good shelter from the hallmarks of British Summer Time, cold temperatures, wind and rain.


It took me 2 sessions to see everything. So if you’re going this weekend, have an awesome day! Let me know what you thought of the event

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