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REVIEW: @TheStockMKT III Night Market

The StockMKT III Bermondsey Square, London, SE1 3UN

The StockMKT

The StockMKT II was a popular night market last held in April,

The combination of food, drink and shopping seems to be on a winner as The StockMKT III will be held over TWO days instead of one. So, what can you expect?

Eating & Drinking

Arriving early on Thursday I found Pizza Pilgrims, quite literally firing up. These guys make fresh gorgeous Italian pizzas, baked in their little green van. Quite literally an oven on wheels. If you’re a pizza lover you have to try these one of these.

Kaiserkraner from Fleischmob

Extra spicy Scotch Eggs from Egg Boss made with ‘Holy Fuck’ Hot sauce by The Rib Man

Austrian food specialist, Fleishmob, was attracting the crowds with sizzling schnitzel and frankfurters on the grill. Having tried schnitzel recently, I opted for a more unusual käsekrainer, a frankfurter with oozy emmental cheese inside

Finally, I caught the popular Egg Boss and bagged one of his extra spicy eggs, fortified with infamous Holy Fuck sauce by The Rib Man, to be devoured later!

For drinks, gin & tonics were available from the new London Dry, “Sparrow Gin”… proudly made in Peckham! (I wonder if they use ‘Peckham Springs’ water). [Tasting notes: Heavy on grapefruit and ginger].

Alex Kammerling with his Kamm-cycle was on hand to supply awesome Kamm & Sons cocktails, and wine journalist Jane Parkinson gave 20 minute presentations and tastings of Tio Peppe sherry.

Jane Parkinson & Tio Peppe Sherry


This market only seems to happen every few months, so get down! If you were there on Thursday night, take note, the vendor list is not the same on Friday. See www.thestockmkt.com for the latest.

The StockMKT
Ww: www.thestockmkt.com
Tw: @thestockmkt

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