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PHOTO ALBUM: Juniper Society, Caorunn Gin (20 Pictures)

Caorunn Gin @ Juniper Society Graphic Bar
4 Golden Square, Soho, London, W1F 9HT

Caorunn Scottish Gin is infused with 5 Celtic botanicals. On the nose it’s juniper with fruity notes of rowan and apple that develops beautifully into a clean, crisp, aromatic flavours with a pronounced fruitiness and slight heather honey sweetness

The Juniper Society is a must for anyone who loves gin. A different gin presents their wares every fortnight on a Monday evening at Graphic Bar in Soho, London. For more information, contact them on the links below.

Juniper Society
Ww: http://junipersociety.com/
Tw: @junipersociety
Fb: http://www.facebook.com/groups/140854585929550/

Graphic Bar
Ww: www.graphicbar.com
Tw: @graphicbar
Fb: www.facebook.com/graphic.bar

Caorunn Gin
Ww: www.caorunngin.com
Tw: @caorunngin
Fb: www.facebook.com/caorunngin

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