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BREAKING NEWS: #OriginsGin from @MasterOfMalt

Origin Gin from Master of Malt

It seems like gin is the new scene of a botanical arms race. With some tipples exceeding 40 different peels, roots and herbs, have you ever wondered what Gin would taste like without every ingredient under the sun? If so, try the new Master of Malt launches Origin Gin with only the one essential botanical.. juniper.

Does the source of the juniper berries really make a difference? With the new Origin Gin range you can now find out for yourself. Each of the four variants is distilled using the identical processes. The only change is the source of the juniper. Italy, The Netherlands, Bulgaria and Albania.

Here are some tasting notes from Master of Malt.

  • Italian (Arezzo, Italy)
    Clean Citrus and Pine, with a really smooth creaminess on the finish. Amazingly Long.
  • Dutch (Meppel, The Netherlands)
    Tobacco and Calves Leather, with an earthy, Coffee-Rich Finish. Much more savoury and masculine than the Arezzo.
  • Bulgarian (Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria)
    Perfumed, Floral notes with a fruity, slightly waxy finish. Puts me in mind of a fantastic old Clynelish.
  • Albanian (Valbonë, Albania)
    Resinous and Blackcurrant-y notes, with hints of Tobacco and a chocolaty finish. Very rich.

Each bottle comes complete with a small 10ml vial of nine cold-distilled botanicals for you to add to the juniper distillate. This will allow you to taste the juniper in a more mainstream gin. A fantastic idea! (For you gin-geeks, the extra botanicals are Coriander, Fresh Lemon Peel, Bitter Orange Peel, Cardamom, Angelica, Cassia, Liquorice, Cubeb Berries, and Camomile)

According to the guys from Master of Malt, the range will be continually expanding with gins from Macedonia and Kosovo in production, with contracts agreed with suppliers in France, Tasmania and the USA.

The Origin Range is available now from Master of Malt priced at £34.95 per bottle, and will be in Harvey Nichols stores nationwide from Mid-July.

Master of Malt
Ww: www.masterofmalt.com
Tw: @masterofmalt
Fb: www.facebook.comp/masterofmalt

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