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PHOTO+: The Bacon Lab “Molasses Cured Back Bacon” @NathTheButcher

I absolutely love bacon. Not constrained by any religious doctorine, I am free to proclaim that it is fantastic, especially when it is cured and smoked. This photo caught my eye as its from the lens of Nathan Mills (a.k.a. @NathTheButcher) – one half of The Butchery Ltd.

Butcher, Griller, Bacon muncher – I love the animals too. Been spotted cutting meat @ Gingerpig, Barbecoa, Wholefoods & now my own place The Butchery Ltd – Source: Twitter @NathTheButcher

Nathan, if you’re reading, I know plenty of rum drinkers who would love to try molasses cured back bacon! Just say the word and I’m sure you’ll be invited to lots of El Dorado or Appleton tastings!

Find Nathan on:
Ww: www.thebutcheryltd.com
Tw: @NathTheButcher

Awesome picture by naththebutcher

July 16, 2012 at 10:42AM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/NIxpUXolXb/

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