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NEWS: @Burger_Breakout to open on Sunday @06StChadsPlace

Burger Breakout
06 St Chad’s Place, Kings Cross, London, WC1X 9HH

July 19, 2012 at 01:44PM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/NQ0zLCic9J/

Burger Breakout is a new burger pop-up which will open its doors on Sun 22 July at the Kings Cross Bar Restaurant, 06 St Chads Place.

Everywhere you look a new burger pop-up appears in a London Pub. Even one created by two chefs who have worked in Michelin restaurants. Burger Breakout is interesting as its the brainchild of Dave Ahern, who describes himself as a “food writer turned chef”.

Dave announced on a blog post entitled “Taking Leave Of My Senses” that at the ago of 34, he had just stepped into a professional kitchen for the first time in his life to answer the question “Could I hack it in a pro kitchen?”

Burger Breakout should be an inspiration to those who want to do chase their passion. Best of luck for the opening Dave!

Burger Breakout
Ww: http://gourmetguy.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/burger-breakout/
Tw: @Burger_Breakout

Location: 06 St Chad’s Place, Kings Cross, London, WC1X 9HH

One comment on “NEWS: @Burger_Breakout to open on Sunday @06StChadsPlace

  1. […] Burger Breakout (Opening: Sunday 12h00) The first burger pop-up by “food writer turned chef” Dave Ahern (Twitter: @CorkGourmetGuy). Will open in Kings Cross on Sunday at midday… more details […]

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