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NEWS: What’s on Weekly – Fri 20-Jul

For all of you who’ve been asking me “What’s going on…” here’s a roundup of this week so you all know ‘What Happened’, ‘What’s Coming ‘, and ‘What’s Gone’.

What happened…

Flat Iron… great steak pop-up in Shoreditch!

Juniper Society, the fortnightly club for gin lovers, celebrated their 2nd birthday with Origin Gin at Graphic Bar on Monday 16-Jul-2012. All praise the juniper!
(Photo Album – 59 Pictures)

Burger & Lobster‘s second (and more spacious) branch opened in Dean Street, Soho with an bigger better and upgraded multi-tonne lobster tank. For those who like their drinks, there is now a dedicated bar area for their awesome cocktails!
(Photo Album – 25 Pictures)

Flat Iron, the pop-up, serving the flat iron steak cut, opened at The Owl & Pussycat, Shoreditch. Apart from the food, you must see their unique steak knives.
(Photo Album – 20 Pictures)


What’s Upcoming…

Sushi Samba… coming soon!

Burger Breakout (Opening: Sunday 12h00)
The first burger pop-up by “food writer turned chef”
Dave Ahern (Twitter: @CorkGourmetGuy). Will open in Kings Cross on Sunday at midday… more details

Sushi Samba / Duck & Waffle (Opening: TBC)
The eagerly awaited restaurants in Heron Tower still don’t appear to have a confirmed opening date. Original opening date was mid-Jul 2012 but looks to have slipped.

Lucky Chip Slider Pop-up (Opening: TBC)
Along with The Player Bar, Soho. Lucky Chip was due to open a slider bar a week or two ago. However after a burst water pipe the residency has been delayed. No word of the new opening date yet.


What’s Gone…

Patty & Bun Joe – Chilli Burger… damn tasty and damn messy!

Patty & Bun Joe Sad news for burger fans, unfortunately Joe has come to the end of his multi-week residency ended at The Endurance London. Even though he’s being fairly tight lipped, he does confirm that he’ll be back soon!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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