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PHOTO ALBUM: @VadaszDeli @HackneyHomemade Market (15 Pictures)

Event Date 21-July-2012

Vadasz Deli are to be found at Hackney Homemade on Saturday. These guys focus on quesadillas and huge rolls with fillings like pulled pork, black beans & corn or kimchi & cheese. I loved their big bowl of whole chilli!

Nick and Karina were especially proud of their marinated back ribs. (See this earlier post)

East meets South: Fresh baked Corn Masa Quesadillas. Hot Meat Big Rolls. Real Fermented Pickles. Saturdays 11am-4pm @hackneyhomemade nr Hackney Central stn. http://www.vadaszdeli.co.uk

Source: Twitter


Vadasz Deli
Ww: www.vadaszdeli.co.uk
Tw: @VadaszDeli

Hackney Homemade Food Market (Saturdays)
Ww: www.hackneyhomemade.com/food/
Tw: @HackneyHomemade

One comment on “PHOTO ALBUM: @VadaszDeli @HackneyHomemade Market (15 Pictures)

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