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FEATURE: #PigSaw @TheEnduranceLDN – @Terencedwards85 @PizzaPilgrims

PigSaw (The Endurance 90 Berwick Street, Soho, London, W1F 0QB)

It was all over in 45 minutes! That must be Olympic level quickness for pork!

Pigsaw is a collaboration between Terry Edwards (Sous-Chef of Hix), and the awesome Pizza Pilgrims guys… The concept is ‘crackling-ly’ simple, take one whole pig, create a massive porchetta with fennel and sage stuffing, then serve with sourdough flatbread and salsa verde for only £7 at Soho pub, The Endurance.

Amazingly, the first-come-first-served event was completely sold out in only 45 minutes! Unfortunately for me, I arrived just as the last portions were ordered.

This is the menu for all those pork devouring people who were in Soho last night.

  • £3 Chilled Pig & Pea Cup-a-Soup
  • £5 Trotter, Ham Hock & Black Pudding Sausage Roll
  • £7 Porchetta, with Fennel & Sage Stuffing with Sourdough Flatbread & Salsa Verde

The guys were kind enough to let me have some “Trotter, Ham Hock & Black Pudding Sausage Roll” which was amazing! Rich, and properly seasoned, not oversalted like the vast majority of sausage rolls I’ve tried recently. For those lucky people who managed to grab a proper portion of porchetta, congratulations! I will have to wait for the next one…


PHOTO ALBUM: #PigSaw @TheEnduranceLDN (11 Pictures)


Pizza Pilgrims
Ww: www.pizzapilgrims.co.uk
Tw: @pizzapilgrims

Terry Edwards
Ww: picturesfromthepass.blogspot.co.uk
Tw: @terencedwards85

The Endurance
Ww: www.theendurance.co.uk
Tw: @TheEnduranceLDN

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