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PHOTO ALBUM: #PigSaw @TheEnduranceLDN (11 Pictures) @Terencedwards85 @PizzaPilgrims

PigSaw (The Endurance 90 Berwick Street, Soho, London, W1F 0QB)

Pigsaw… a ‘pig-jigsaw’! Take an entire pig, cut it up, and put it all back together after it comes out of the oven. Great concept and execution by Mark Hix Sous-Chef Terry Edwards, Pizza Pilgrims and Soho Pub, The Endurance.



Pizza Pilgrims
Ww: www.pizzapilgrims.co.uk
Tw: @pizzapilgrims

Terry Edwards
Ww: picturesfromthepass.blogspot.co.uk
Tw: @terencedwards85

The Endurance
Ww: www.theendurance.co.uk
Tw: @TheEnduranceLDN

One comment on “PHOTO ALBUM: #PigSaw @TheEnduranceLDN (11 Pictures) @Terencedwards85 @PizzaPilgrims

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