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PHOTO: @ChinChinLabs “Liquid Nitrogen” #IceCream, OlympicToasted #Marshmallow Edition!

July 26, 2012 at 04:53PM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/NjL-XRCc1m/

Chin Chin Labs are very interesting. They are the first ice cream parlour (to my knowledge) to make ice cream in front of you using liquid nitrogen. Not only is it spectacular to watch, reminding me of mad scientists as a kid, but the ice cream is extremely smooth.

This week’s special is the ‘Olympic Toasted Marshmallow’. It’s delightfully light, with a hint of that lovely campfire toasted marshmallow flavour. I expected it to be extra sweet, but fortunately it was nicely balanced. Exactly what I needed after a 30 min walk in the sun from Eat Street in Kings Cross to Camden Lock Market.

Chin Chin Labs
Ww: www.chinchinlabs.com
Tw: @ChinChinLabs

One comment on “PHOTO: @ChinChinLabs “Liquid Nitrogen” #IceCream, OlympicToasted #Marshmallow Edition!

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