PHOTO ALBUM: @Camden_Lock Market in #SummerTime (45 Pictures)

Camden Lock Market, 54-56 Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF (map)

The world famous Camden Lock Market was always a favourite of mine while I was a student. If you’re in town for the Olympics, here’s a tip. Come down to the middle courtyard to try the selection of food on offer. They are lots of vendors and some interesting Peruvian stalls right now.

Ww: www.camdenlockmarket.com/events.php#more_events
Tw: @Camden_lock

2 comments on “PHOTO ALBUM: @Camden_Lock Market in #SummerTime (45 Pictures)

  1. My brother is visiting London for one day, and im thinking of going to Camden. Where would you recommend we do lunch? Im a massive foodie so Iove anything, though my bro is a massive fan of meat (anti veg, normal teenage boy). Want somewhere with seating and a good selection. If you had to have one meal in camden, where would it be?

    • Lunch in Camden is a tricky one as I haven’t been for lunch for a while, so I’m not the best person to answer. However for dessert I would recommend trying ChinChinLabs for ice cream or sorbet. (search for it on my blog for a picture).

      They are in Camden Lock Market and make ice cream in front of you using liquid nitrogen. The ice cream is incredibly smooth and they have some great flavours. Last week I had a toasted marshmallow version. Awesome!

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