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PHOTO ALBUM: *NEW* Polpo (Smithfields) OPENING DAY (35 Pictures)

Polpo (Smithfield) 2-3 Cowcross Street, Smithfield, London

Russell Norman’s Bàcaro Empire Expands East

East Londoners rejoice! With two popular Polpo venues in the West End, Russell Norman has now opened a third, but this time next to Smithfield meat market. Speaking to him after the lunchtime rush on opening day he confirmed this wasn’t a co-incidence “we’d been looking for somewhere east of Soho”.

Polpo is a bàcaro, described as “humble restaurant serving simple food and good, young local wines”. . The pictures below focus on these awesome little plates. Great simple ‘food-done-well’



Pictures from opening day Mon 30-Jul-2012


Polpo (Smithfield)
Ad: 2-3 Cowcross Street, Smithfield, London, EC1M 6DR
Ww: www.polpo.co.uk
Tw: @PolpoSoho

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