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BREAKING NEWS: @HawksmoorLondon announces a fourth London venue

Hawksmoor, the suppliers of mouthwatering steak to Londoners, have just announced plans to open a fourth venue in Piccadilly!

If you ask most Londoners where to get a good steak in London, Hawksmoor will always be one of the recommendations. With plaudits and booking from all corners of food community it’s not surprise that they are expanding again. They have just announced that they will be opening in Piccadilly.

Located in the former British Airways headquarters in Piccadilly, in the mid-1980s it became L’Odeon, an iconic restaurant of the time that had our friend, and one of our favourite chefs, Bruno Loubet at the helm.
The site follows the curve of Regent Street and has a striking run of floor-to-ceiling arched windows that flood the room with light. Soon after we first saw it, Bruno and his wife Catherine came down and helped us imagine it in its former glory as a bustling restaurant. We were hooked

Ever since we’ve been tasting, re-tasting and re-re-tasting possible new dishes for the menu which will, for the first time, be equally weighted between full-flavoured 35 day-aged steaks and spankingly fresh seafood from off the British coast. We’ve been doing a huge amount of work on fish, which we’ll tell you more about in the next mailer.

Along the way we’ll be updating people on what we’re doing with the build and research on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

– Hawksmoor

Fantastic news… I suspect that it will simply be called ‘Hawksmoor Piccadilly’ but I do think ‘Hawksfour’ sounds good!

Ww: thehawksmoor.com
Tw: @HawksmoorLondon

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