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NEWS: TOMMI’S BURGER, London Opening (Update II)

So what’s happening with Tommi’s London?

The long anticipated Tommi’s Burger Joint first London venue seems to be delayed again. Last week I reported that they would open over the weekend after a conversation with the owners. When I meandered past on Tuesday the “Coming Soon” sign was up and the guys were having a meeting inside.

I haven’t had the press release or any further info from Tommi himself, so I assume there’s been an issue. Will update everyone as soon as I hear more.

In the meantime here is some Burger-Porn from the last 8 weeks…


MOST ENGLISH “Must-Try” Burger
Pitt Cue Trailer’s “Trailer Trash Burger”

This is effectively a ‘reverse burger’. Instead of topping a meat patty with cheese and vegatables. It tops a cheese and pasta patty with meat!

Tongue’N’Cheeks’ “Heart Breaker Burger”

A patty of Ox Heart and 60 day aged beef on a bed of fresh water cress and salsa verde topped with sour cream on a toasted multi seed bun.

MOST SLOPPY “Get It All Over Your Face” Burgers
Patty & Bun Joe’s “Smokey Robinson Burger”

‘Mounds of caramelised onions’ so be very careful when trying to pick it up. Everyone I saw trying this ended up with a huge pool of lovely onion juices in their bun carton. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

… and

Big Dirty Burger’s “Gang Bang Burger”

“Gang Bang” Burger allegedly named because it has “everything in it”. This burger is so dirty that you’ll needed a tonne of serviettes to fend off the juices which will pour from the tasty beast while you devour it!

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