PHOTO ALBUM: @WeFeastLondon Opening Night! (119 Pictures)

We Feast London (Fri 03th – Sun 05th Aug, 2012)
Guy’s Hospital Quad, St Thomas Street, London Bridge, London, SE1 9RT

Held in Guy’s Quadrangle, under the gaze of ‘The Shard’, Europe’s tallest building, We Feast London is a 3-day food festival by the organisers of the successful ‘Long Table’. Featuring a blend of Street Food and London’s best restaurants it is fantastic way to spend your culinary weekend.

Here are some photos from the opening night!



We Feast London
Ww: www.wefeast.co.uk
Tw: @WeFeastLondon


NOTE: There are a 119 photos, so if your connection is a slow you might need to refresh as your web browser might time-out. Sit down at a nice big screen computer and enjoy!

2 comments on “PHOTO ALBUM: @WeFeastLondon Opening Night! (119 Pictures)

  1. Lovely pictures and I want to go there now! You do find all the best foodie places Wilkes!

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