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@TOMSCOOPERY: Dark Ecuador Chocolate w/Calabrian Chilli ice-cream. Rich chocolate taste w/chilli after-kick!

August 05, 2012 at 04:53PM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/N87_hxic78/

Fantastic for Londoners this summer, there are lots of artesian ice cream and sorbet specialists if you know where to look. TOMSCOOPERY is one that I’ve wanted to visit for a while since seeing their freezer at the London Fields Brewery, Hackney.

It seems like these guys already have a good following. It’s Sunday, we’re in the middle of a non-open brewery with nothing much nearby apart from the Burnt Enz pop up a stone’s throw away. You can’t see the TOMSCOOPERY stand, yet there is a tiny, but constantly present queue of customers. They must be doing something right!

I opted for a scoop of “Dark Ecuador Chocolate w/Calabrian Chilli” ice cream sat upon a scoop of “Alfonso Mango Sorbet”. (Hence my cone appears to have taken fashion advice from a honey bee). I was warned that the ice cream starts chocolatey but the chilli would kick in at the end and the sorbet would be a good complementary combo.

The sorbet is definitely full of flavour and not just frozen gomme syrup! However the star of the show is the ice cream. If, like me, you love your spicy food… you must to try this. A rich dark chocolate taste comes in first which is slowly replaced by a build up of spiciness from the chilli. The heat doesn’t slap you in the face, but is pleasantly warm on the tongue and has an surprisingly long aftertaste. I am writing this about 30 minutes after I finished and I can still detect the spice. Excellent!

Fb: www.facebook.com/TOMSCOOPERY

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