WORDPRESS: Pop-up issue on iPad

When I try to view my blog on my iPad I get a pop-up box which is asking me to subscribe to the blog. That’s good, but the pop-up won’t dismiss or move. This is extremely annoying!

How do I get around this? I can’t see the blog post.

Click here for a large screen shot.

2 comments on “WORDPRESS: Pop-up issue on iPad

  1. Hey, What pop-up program are you using that works with wordpress.com?

    • I don’t understand what you mean by “works with wordpress.com”.
      I’ll assume you want to know how I’m publishing.

      I’m using the WordPress App on my iPad and iPhone to publish right now. I’s not perfect but it does the job. Good for those who can write HTML. Not good for those who want a WYSIWYG editor.

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