PHOTO ALBUM: @_StrippedBack Opening Weekend @StreetFeastLDN (33 Pictures)

Stripped Back @ Street Feast London
(FRIDAY NIGHT MARKET – ​17h00 – 00h00) Thames House, Hartwell Street, E8 3DU

The hugely popular Stripped Back made it’s first appearance at Street Feast London last Friday.

Stripped Back‘ is the brainchild of Ben Spalding, a chef you expect to see in Michelin Starred restaurants rather than the Dalston Car Park of Street Feast. With a CV which includes entries such as ‘Head Chef at Roganic’ and time at ‘Fat Duck’, it was interesting to see if a top restaurant chef could attract the punters with simple trestle tables with space of eight diners.

Judging from the diners I’ve spoken to, Stripped Back dining was a smash hit, hopefully that means that we will see more of Ben and his hybrid fine dining streetfood in the weeks to come.


Stripped Back
Tw: @_strippedback


Street Feast London
Ww: www.streetfeastlondon.com
Tw: @StreetFeastLDN

2 comments on “PHOTO ALBUM: @_StrippedBack Opening Weekend @StreetFeastLDN (33 Pictures)

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