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@WaxJambu: Getting ready for one #BigAssSwizzle @ElDoradoRums

August 15, 2012 at 09:33PM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/OXL65sCcz5/

Wax Jambu shows us their “Big Ass” Swizzle

Reaching the finals of The El Dorado Big Swizzle competition is a great achievement. To celebrate, Wax Jambu decided to make the “biggest El Dorado rum swizzle ever seen by man!”. Hence the need for a 59 gallon white oak barrel and a 7ft swizzle stick…

This was the heat winning entry from Wax Jambu‘s, Pietro Rizzo.

Wax Jambu, London – Diamond’s Dirty Stop Out

– 37.5ml El Dorado 8
– 12.5ml Grand Marnier
– 7ml La Penca Mezcal
– 3 dashes Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Bitters
– 12.5ml coconut water
– 12.5ml pineapple juice
– 10ml sugar cane syrup
– 12.5ml lime juice

Garnish with mint and pineapple leaves. Serve with a flaming bowl of Caribbean rum-tobacco blend.

Source: Bar Life Magazine.

For more details AND the winners from the UK wide heats… visit the awesome Bar Life Magazine

The finals will be held next week… good luck all!



Wax Jambu
Ad: 144 – 145 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1QY
Ww: www.waxjambu.co.uk
Tw: @WaxJambu

El Dorado Rums
Ww: www.theeldoradorum.com/
Tw: @WaxJambu

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