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PHOTO ALBUM: Monkey Shoulder’s “Manhattan”… For One Night Only … (41 Pictures)

Monkey Shoulder Presents, “For One Night Only”

Monkey Shoulder Whisky is transforming disused empty spaces all over London into one off drinking experiences. Once a week for 3 months, there will be a series of ‘one-night-only’ events including a ‘Derelicte’ evening during London Fashion Week and a ‘Trick or Treat’ for Halloween.

Last night’s event was ‘The Manhattan’. Everyone donned bright yellow NYC Cabs, navigated a packed cardboard city and were challenged with a ‘New York Minute’… a speed competition to make a cocktail in 60 seconds or less!

“Expect all the classic New York clichés to be turned on their head; from The Big Apple to the New York Minute, you’ll never see the city (or the cocktail) the same way again. This may have something to do with the angles, after all, it’s not often you see a street on the wall…”

More updates to follow… in the meantime, see Monkey Shoulder’s microsite for all the future events and booking details

Monkey Shoulder’s “For One Night Only”
Fb: facebook.com/monkeyshoulder
Ww: www.monkeyshoulder.com/foronenightonly

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