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The menu for Lucky Chip’s new “Slider Bar” at The Player, Soho

Lucky Chip‘s Slider Bar
The Player 8 Broadwick Street Soho, W1F 8HN

Woah, the Lucky Chip Slider Bar has been open for ONLY ONE NIGHT and I’ve already had several messages all about the menu!

Do remember that it’s a Slider Bar, it focuses on Sliders (i.e. mini-burgers). There are no full sized burgers! See the menu below for more details. If you have more questions, I’m sure that Slider Bar would love to hear from you!

“Lucky Chip landing soon in Soho with a slider-sized selection of our best burgers. There will be music. There will be cocktails. Late licence.”

Source Twitter: @SliderBar


Slider Bar
Tw: @SliderBar

Lucky Chip (Owners of Slider Bar)
Fb: www.facebook.com/Luckychip
Tw: @Lucky_Chip

The Player (The venue)
Ww: www.thplyr.com
Tw: @ThePlayerSoho




More Sliders



Cocktails & Grown Up Floats

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