@Instagram! Why can’t I delete comments anymore? Any ideas anyone?

August 19, 2012 at 09:57AM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/OgPglbCc6g/

Is anyone else having problems deleting Instagram comments?

Instagram has become an integral part of my on-line presence. Apart from the photo albums, almost every photo you see on my blog is has passed through Instagram to arrive here!

However, recently I’ve been having issues with deleting Instragram comments and I get the error messages you see in the image. This is what happens;

  1. I try to delete a comment
  2. A pop-up box appears saying “Error: Invalid Request”
  3. This is almost immediately replaced by another pop-up box which says “Error: Instagram seems to be having problems right now. Please try again in a few moments”
  4. I click on “dismiss”
  5. The “Error: Invalid Request” pop-up reappears

Why am I deleting comments?

I am trying to do a bit of housekeeping, Sometimes I forget a few tags and add extra tags afterwards. When that happens, I end up multiple comments with multiple tags. All I’m trying to do is to ‘tidy up’ each posted image so that there is only ONE comment with tags, which is usually the last comment. For an example see this Instagram link

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have noticed that this all started at approximately the same time as the release of the new iPhone app. (Note that I haven’t upgraded yet. I am still using the old app).

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43 comments on “@Instagram! Why can’t I delete comments anymore? Any ideas anyone?

  1. Im having the same issue…

  2. I have the same problem. Please tell me if you find a answer? Sorry

  3. Hey there!

    I had the same problem. It was really frustrating! But you just need to upgrade to the new app, and start deleting away.

  4. Hi all,

    I’ve been a little reluctant to upgrade to the latest version as I’ve heard horror stories of all their old photos being automatically geo-tagged onto the new mapping feature.

    Also, is it true that you cannot manually change the location of an image? The problem I have is that I use Instagram to log me into venues using FourSquare and I often update with extra images when I’ve moved from the venue.

    Any feedback or further info appreciated!

  5. I get the same, it is really annoying as I want to clean my photo comments up, as there is a few weird comments that people have written on them! I’m glad I am not the only one who is experiencing this! Follow me on instagram I follow back >> Sophiefleetham << thanks

  6. They have done it so you lose functionality if you dont upgrade. annoying.

  7. Had the exact same

    Had the exact same problem! All you have to do is update the app and everything will be fine! Good luck.

    • Rachel

      I’ve seen multiple reports on-line from people who are complaining about the new interface which makes me a little nervous of updating. Also, I like to hold off a little bit so any major bugs can be found by the first users!

      There also appear to be fears around the new Geotagging features. See this article called “The Creepy Aspect of Instagram’s New Mapping Feature” from Forbes Magazine

      What do you think?

  9. I hate Facebook. Once again they make something we enjoy using into shit

  10. This is happening to me 2!! it wont let me delete them. Like I get so pissed because weird people comment on my pictures but the fact that I can’t delete the comments piss me off!

  11. do any of you also have problems with hashtagging? I keep getting the Failure/Error/Dismiss message every time I try to add any tags to any of my uploaded photos

    • I haven’t encountered any issues with adding hastags at all… only deleting…

      Which version of the Instagram software are you using?

      • I have the 1.1.6 I think, and it was working just fine, until about a week ago, and even if I use something like web.stagram, I can’t even add them there…so weird… I guess I’ll have to update to the new version, I was just hoping not to come to that

      • To see the version you’re using, open your Instagram App,

        1. Cick on the button on the bottom right (to the right of the ‘heart/love’ icon)
        2. Click on the “About” button on the top right.
        3. Mine says v2.4.0

  12. Ive been having these problems too, i try to delete them, then they just reappear in a couple of seconds.

  13. Me too but Im on Android

  14. Ive been having trouble for the past few days. I’m so irritated.

  15. I’m having the same issue, I can’t delete comments and I just found out now I can’t search usernames anymore, I get an error message. I haven’t updated to the new Insta, so that’s probably way -____-

    • I’m on the old version of Instagram on iPhone and I’ve just checked.

      I can’t delete messages (which is what started this thread). However I CAN search for users.

      Not sure what’s going on, but you would expect that someone from Instagram would’ve replied to someone by now.

  16. I FOUND A SOLUTION. If you dont want to upgrade your IG to the new version but you want to delete comments use http://ink361.com/, Its basically like webstagram. i just go on there, login to my instrgram and delete any comments I dont want.

  17. Everybody’s right. Update your app and no more error message. Thanks to all those who suggested that!! So happy

  18. you need to upgrade the ig app. I was having the same problem then I upgraded, now it works!

  19. I have exact the same problem!!

  20. To fix this problem all you have to do is UPDATE INSTAGRAM and it will 100% work.

  21. Same thing, I already upgrade it, but I stil cant delete

  22. upgrading isnt working for me either..


  24. Instagram don’t shows me the tags I comment so I can’t delete them to put more. Can someone help me?

  25. omg im having the same problem! this sucks! I can’t post tags anymore and it keeps saying you’ve posted too many tags but I haven’t even put any! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  26. log in to instagram with your computer, post something or delete a comment then try on your phone again and it will work.

  27. Well I CANT comment on my pictures .. I went on other peoples phones and tried to comment and when i refresh its like gone. Anyone help?

    Deleting comments on my instagram photo didn’t work whenever i tried to delete them on my iPod, BUT then i tried deleting them on the instagram website online and all you do is press the cross button on the top right of the comment and it deletes!
    Then when you go on your iPod on instagram the comment is gone also!

  29. Hey, I’m having this problem too. If you look under the Instagram Help Center and search “hashtags” it’ll bring up this error and list some reasons why this might be happening. In my case I have/had 30 hashtags, which is the limit, already on that single photo.

  30. Just update the version it will work ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Ah, I’ve started having this problem AFTER I upgraded. So now, I have tons of tags that won’t delete and I’m not sure if it’s accepting new tags or not as I don’t get an error message whatsoever. Totally weird.

  32. I also cannot delete comments on Statigram, which I doubt is affected by an upgrade. Something’s wrong at HQ.

  33. was having this problem today, wasn’t able to delete a comment on the phone or web version. thanks to brandon’s comment above, i was able to delete the comment using this site http://ink361.com/

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