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FULL REVIEW: Champagne and Hot Dogs! @BubbledogsUK

70 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 4QG

The long anticipated Hot Dogs and Champagne-centric restaurant, Bubbledogs, opened their doors to the public this week! Can the odd-couple of hot dogs, (the icon of fast-food) and champagne (the epitome of fine dining) really work?

James Knappett & Sandia Chang (Husband & Wife owners of Bubbledogs)

Husband and wife team James Knappett and Sandia Chang have come together to bring the unique Bubbledogs food and drink proposition to London. This surreal combination is no co-incidence as Sandia, former Roganic sommilier, certainly knows her champagne while James, former sous-chef of The Ledbury certainly knows his way around a kitchen.



“Remember the Maine” (Named in honour of the “USS Maine” which sank in the Havana harbour)

Fortunately for those of us who are not fans of the French sparking stuff, they have provided a cocktail bar staffed by two bartenders from the highly acclaimed Covent Garden Cocktail Club. This certainly doesn’t look like an afterthought, the first page is an impressive list of five classic American drinks including “Remember the Maine” a classic from Charles H. Baker’s “The Gentleman’s Companion”. (Rittenhouse Rye, Italian Vermouth, Cherry Heering, Absinthe)

The other featured drinks are:

The 20th Century
(Death’s Door Gin, Americano Cocchi, Lemon, House Cocoa Liqueur)

The Brandy Crusta
(Maximo Trijol VS Cognac, Lemon, Maraschino, Curacao, Aromatic Bitters)

The Brooklyn
(Rittenhouse Rye, French Vermouth, Maraschino, Amer Picon)

The Paloma Cocktail
(Lunazul Tequila, Agave Nectar, Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Yellow Charteuse, Blackwater Soda)

Obviously the barmen will make all the cocktail classics. I was impressed that they have given some proper attention into their offering. I didn’t sample the champagne as I’m more of a cocktail fan, but if this is any benchmark I’d be very surprised if Sandia’s selection falls short.



Bubbledogs has a dazzling array of 12 different dogs to choose from, (13 if you include the ‘naked dog’ described as “just the dog in between the buns”). All dogs are available in beef, pork or vegetarian, so in theory that’s 39 different hot dog combinations! However, toppings are what maketh the dog right? For the more adventurous there are offerings such as the Brekkie Dog (topped with fried egg, tomato relish and black pudding bits) or a Buffalo Dog made from a deep fried hot dog with spicy buffalo sauce, blue cheese, pickled celery and celery seeds!

Breakie Dog! (Bacon, Egg, Tomato & Black Pudding)


If you’re a veteran of London’s hot dog offerings, be aware. These hot dogs are regular sized, not the familiar mega sized beasts that you will find from popular London street vendor Big Apple Hot Dogs or quirky Hot Dog pop-up Superette. (For a rough size comparison, think of those Herta frankfurters that come in packs of 10 at the supermarket… verses the jumbo packs of 3 huge dogs).

Personally I prefer the jumbo sized dogs, but one of my fellow diners preferred this size, she explained that is was more ‘lady friendly’. Another advantage is that all but the meekest of eaters can easily consume two dogs. Mine were the New Yorker (grilled sauerkraut or NY street cart onions or both) and a K-Dawg (kimchi, fermented red bean paste, and lettuce).

K-Dawg (kimchi, fermented red bean paste, and lettuce)


The K-Dawg came buried in a mountain of kimchi with the hot dog barely visible and the New Yorker came with piles of onions and did reminded me of hot dogs I had in Manhattan. Althought not as spicy as I would’ve liked the K-Dawg’s topping provided a fantastically satisfying crunch.


Final Thoughts

With a huge explosion in the number of burger joints in London, some are asking whether hog dogs will be the next ‘big thing’ in the London food scene. I will be watching Bubbledogs as a barometer for London’s hot dog appetite.

If Bubbledogs works I’m sure that many others will follow.


MORE INFO: Click here



Ad: 70 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 4QG (map)
Ww: www.bubbledogs.co.uk
Tw: @BubbledogsUK

Square Meal Bubbledogs on Urbanspoon

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