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Looking for the Best Hot Dogs in London? Try these…

Hot dogs are tipped by some to be the ‘next-big-thing’ in the London food scene. So where can you sample the best of what London has to offer?

As with everything, ‘best’ because it depends a lot on what you like, but here are three VERY DIFFERENT places to get your hot dog fix!

    – London’s first dedicated champagne and hotdog restaurant
  • BEST STREET DOG: Big Apple Hot Dogs
    – Top notch street food hot dogs
    – A pop-up from a eclectic collective with mountains of fantastic toppings

IMPORTANT: The Superette pop up is only running for 4 weeks… THE LAST NIGHT IS THIS SATURDAY (01st Sep) so get down there if you want to try the Superette experience.



Tagline: “We offer the unlikely coupling of hot dogs and grower champagnes”

Bubbledogs is the newest of the three. Opened two days ago, it brings the unlikely combo of hotdogs and champagne together in Charlotte Street, the heart of cool media land. This quirky concept was brought to you by an ex-Roganic sommelier and an ex-Ledbury chef who will supply you with some great hot dogs in refined surroundings paired with an awesome drinks list.

This is definitely the ‘top end’ of London’s hot dog offering. No-one else comes close to providing a more refined ‘dog experience’.

Perfect for:
Those of you who consider yourself ‘too posh’ for street markets or want a civilised sit-down evening of food and drink.

Find them at:
70 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 4QG (map)

More info:

Ww: www.bubbledogs.co.uk/home
Tw: @BubbledogsUK


BEST STREET DOG: Big Apple Hot Dogs

Tagline: “No brains, no bones, no butts. The best dog you’ve ever had. Guaranteed.”

Big Apple Hot Dogs

Big Apple Hot Dogs

For the king of street food hot dogs you can’t really go wrong with Big Apple Hot Dogs. The owner, Abiye started up in 2010 and now has a cult following. This isn’t a dodgy late night ‘less-than-5%-meat’ offering. Big Apple Hot Dogs are made with natural casings, 94-98% meat and so popular that they have been on the menu at Hawksmoor, one of London’s premier steak restaurants

All their hot dogs are jumbo sized. I highly recommend you try their signature Big Dog, it’s a hefty pork and beef sausage seasoned with marjoram, garlic and black pepper and double-smoked over German beech wood. In all natural casings and no ‘un-mentionable’ pieces of meat inside, Big Apple Hot Dogs works closely with a specialist butcher and tweaking their recipe constantly to make some of the best tasting hot dogs in London.

Perfect for:
People who like proper huge and meaty sausages in their hot dogs.

Find them at:
239 Old St, London, EC1V 9EY (map)
Street Feast London (Fri Night Street Market) (website) ,

Also at various London Street Markets and Festivals Countrywide so contact them directly as they move around a lot!

Big Apple Hot Dogs
Ww: www.bigapplehotdogs.com
Fb: www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Apple-Hot-Dogs/155938567750256
Tw: @Bigapplehotdogs



Tagline: “We are a Collective of chefs, graphic designers, stylists, musicians, producers, directors and PR people”.

Superette's "Korean Dog" (Spiced BBQ, pork belly, kimchee chilli kewpie, mayonaisse & crispy shallots on a demi brichoe bun)

Superette’s “Korean Dog” (Spiced BBQ, pork belly, kimchee chilli kewpie, mayonaisse & crispy shallots on a demi brichoe bun)

How about a hot dog from a pop-up within a traditional English pie & mash shop? Just remember to fetch your drink form the laundrette opposite, seriously! Superette is a unique experience run by a collective more familiar to running music videos.

So where’s the link with hot dogs? Superette’s Chloe Richardson, a stylist for the fashion and music industry, is also the partner of chef Ben Bishop (ex-Sketch and Joe Sheekey). Add graphics from tattoo artist Josh Sutterby, and input from Superette’s collective of graphic designers, stylists, musicians, producers, directors and PR people. . what more of an excuse do you need?

The hot dogs themselves come out buried in an avalanche of toppings. Every dog I saw was smothered in so much shallots onions or kimchi that you have to literally dig for the sausage underneath. Well worth the trip if you want to experience the polar opposite of Bubbledogs. These are big fat burgers served with bottled beer or a punch!

IMPORTANT: This pop up is only running for 4 weeks… LAST NIGHT IS THIS SATURDAY (01st Sep)

Perfect for:
Those who want to experience hot dogs buried under a mountain of cool toppings… in a laundrette/pie & mash shop!

Find them at:
F.Cooke Pie & Mash Shop (and laundrette opposite), 9 Broadway Market, London, E8 4PH (map)

Superette Pop Up
Ww: superettepopup.com
Tw: @SuperettePopUp

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