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#BrickLane – Attracting the best #GokWan lookalike Photographers @BrickLaneTweets

September 09, 2012 at 01:57PM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/PWvqdmCc0R/

Brick Lane Market
Brick Lane, London, E2

Brick Lane Market is fantastic for all sorts of street food. The vibrant colours and awesome scenes also attract the most eclectic of East London bohemian photographers.

I saw this character sat outside a coffee store checking his shots on a camera with the biggest lens I saw of the day. I posted this image on twitter and received responses like;

“What *is* he wearing and what is that thing on his head?”
Twitter: @karohemd

“That looks like the bastard lovechild of @gizzierskine and gok wan”
Twitter: @TomsDinner

Well, I won’t argue with the Gok Wan resemblance!

Brick Lane Market
Ad: Brick Lane, London, E2 (map)
Ww: bricklane-e1.co.uk
Tw: @BrickLaneTweets

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