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PHOTO ALBUM: #RumStock by @Tweat_Up (82 Pictures) @JamiesFifteen

15 Westland Place, London N1 7LP

Rumstock was awesome! Held as part of the celebration of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant’s 10 year anniversary

There were 5 hours to chose your favourite cocktail made by the teams from some of the best bars in London

Here are photos from the awards ceremony and the trading on Sunday! (For photos of Ginstock, held the previous day click here.


PHOTO ALBUM: GinStock & FifteenStreet (116 Pictures)
(A mix of photos from Saturday’s Ginstock & FifteenStreet food festival, Day 1)

PHOTO ALBUM: The British Street Food Awards (#BSFA) at #FifteenStreet (50 Pictures)
(Photos of the FifteenStreet food festival, Day 2)


Fifteen Street
Ww: www.fifteenstreet.co.uk
Tw: @JamiesFifteen Hashtag #FifteenStreet

Tweat Up
Ww: www.ginstock.co.uk / www.rumstock.co.uk
Tw: @Tweat_Up Hastag #GinStock / #RumStock

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