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#Rumstock “He’s the greatest dancer…” @Tweat_Up @JamiesFifteen

This guy was going full throttle on the dancefloor at Rumstock, a competition held as part of the celebration of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant 10 year anniversary FifteenStreet

For more on the weekend’s extravaganza see the links below.


PHOTO ALBUM: GinStock & FifteenStreet (116 Pictures)
(A mix of photos from Saturday’s Ginstock & FifteenStreet food festival, Day 1)

PHOTO ALBUM: The British Street Food Awards (#BSFA) at #FifteenStreet (50 Pictures)
(Photos of the FifteenStreet food festival, Day 2)

PHOTO ALBUM: #RumStock by @Tweat_Up (82 Pictures) @JamiesFifteen
(Photos from Sunday’s RumStock)


Fifteen Street
Ww: www.fifteenstreet.co.uk
Tw: @JamiesFifteen Hashtag #FifteenStreet

Tweat Up
Ww: www.ginstock.co.uk / www.rumstock.co.uk
Tw: @Tweat_Up Hastag #GinStock / #RumStock

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