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Holy Fuck, it’s a ‘Christ on a Bike’ Bloody Mary! Courtesy of Eduardo at Bar Galante

May 20, 2012 at 09:49PM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/K3MoeQCc6A/

UPDATE SUN 30-Sep-2012: I gave barman Eduardo a bottle of The Rib Man’s insanely hot “Judas It’s Scary Hot” sauce. This was made only for the Hot Wings Eating Competition and has a WHOLE KILO of Naga Chilli added to the mix. This sauce has a huge delay in the heat arriving… you have been warned. For a video to what happens when you eat it see this video

VIDEO: What happens when you eat #JudasItsScaryHot wings?

Holy Fuck, Christ on a Bike… it’s a Bloody Mary!

This is a Bloody Mary, a familiar hangover quencher to most of you. However, this vodka and tomato juice doesn’t just contain a regular ‘spice mix’. It’s been SUPERCHARGED with The Rib Man’s “Christ on a Bike” hotsauce!

To the uninitiated, The Rib Man is a bit of a superstar in the streetfood world. The one legged ex-butcher is famous for awesome rib rolls, racks of ribs and his hot sauces. He has a range of hot sauces starting with a non-spicy BBQ sauce and then working up to some blaphamy inducing sauces called ‘Holy Fuck’, ‘Christ On A Bike’, ‘Holy Mother of God’ and the limited edition ‘Judas it’s Scary Hot’ each one is hotter than the next with an ever increasing percentage of Naga Bhut Jolokia Chillis (famously known as the Ghost Chilli).

There was even a Hot Wings Eating Contest held last week with contestants suffering from wings basted in his firey sauces. Click here if you like videos of people in immense chilli pain.

Bar Galante is affiliated with the neighbouring argentinian steakhouse Gaucho Grill. To me, they are a little bit of a local secret as they make the some of the best cocktails in the area. Go in and visit top bartender Eduardo Garcia Miras (pictured) and ask for a Japanese Purgatory. Awesome drink!

VENUE: Bar Galante
Ad: 87 Sloane Avenue, South Kensington, London, SW3 3DX (map)
Ww: bargalante.com
Tw: @BarGalante

HOT SAUCE: The Rib Man
Ww: www.theribman.co.uk
Tw: @TheRibMan

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