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PHOTO ALBUM: “KERB” Official LAUNCH PARTY! (23 Pictures)

KERB Launch Party
West Handyside Canopy, Next to Central St Martin’s, Kings Cross, N1C 4AA

Following their lunch parade, KERB finished off their launch day with a fantastic evening event of music, great food and great vibes at the West Canopy of Central St Martin’s College. It was an amazing night with music pumping from the Spit & Roast van and some of the best street food in London.

The Meringue Girls (On a night off!)

As usual the popular Yum Bun and Rib Man were overrun with insanely long queues. Fortunately I managed to get fed from the stars of this album. Pizza Pilgrims (with their epically creative nectarine, cinnamon and ricotta pizza) and the Healthy Yummies (flambé dived clams with bacon and mash).

It was also great to see the foodie community out in force and some vendors on their day off enjoying themselves. Big hello to Patty & Bun Joe who has been working on his next pop-up, and The Merange Girls in the crowd.

The West Canopy venue is awesome. Sheltered, away from the rain. I would love to see more events here, maybe once a month?

What does everyone else think?


QUESTION: Feedback on photos welcome… (good and bad). I shoot using an iPhone4 and a Sony DSC TX-10 Compact Camera and edit using Picassa.

Ww: www.kerbfood.com
Tw: @KERB_

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