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PHOTO ALBUM: London Cocktail Week: Smatts Rum & Ice Cream Tasting (8 Pictures)

Ice Cream and Cocktails… a perfect match


Twisted Ice Cream Cocktails
The Smatt’s Rum & Ice Cream Shack, 53 Monmouth Streeet, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9DG

As part of London Cocktail Week, The Smatt’s Rum & Ice Cream Shack is showcasing Smatt’s Rum ICE CREAM COCKTAILS! In a collaboration between cocktail consultants Twist London and rum producer Smatt’s Rum, we were guided through the more-complicated-than-you-think process of transforming cocktails into ice creams.

Tim of ‘Twist London’ Flaming up some Smatt’s Passions

Visitors were treated to three pairings of cocktails ‘with itself’ as a boozy ice creams!

  1. Dark & Stormy
  2. Smatt’s Passion
  3. Apple Crumble Cocktail

So alongside 2 units of alcohol per cocktail we had an extra unit in an ice cream! This is a 9 unit session folks so be prepared.

The ‘Dark & Stormy’ ice cream started with the same taste as the cocktail then ended with a huge kick of ginger in the end. Awesome if you like the stuff but a little bit of a shock to the unsuspecting! Tim from Twist London, explained that the reduced ginger beer and fresh powdered ginger is used to give it this almightly smack in the face.

The ‘Smatts Passion’ was seemed to be the universal favourite of the crowd. The passion fruit flavours hold up very well in an ice cream and (quite dangerously) doesn’t taste alcoholic at all! The “Apple Crumble”, topped with Somerset cider foam also held up well with very similar ice cream and cocktail flavours.

If you’re interested in this event or others like it, sign up to London Cocktail Week 2012 for more info.


EVENT: London Cocktail Week
Ww: www.diffordsguide.com/london-cocktail-week
Tw: @LDNCocktailWeek

LOCATION: The Smatt’s Rum & Ice Cream Shack
Ad: 53 Monmouth Streeet, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9DG (map)

BRAND: Smatt’s Rum
Ww: http://www.smatts.com/
Tw: @SmattsRum

CONSULTANT: Twist London
Ww: www.twistlondon.com
Tw: @TwistLondon

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