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PHOTO ALBUM: Snow Queen Vodka Tasting (10 Pictures)


Snow Queen Vodka tasting
Baku, 165 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9QB

Snow Queen is an organic wheat vodka distilled five times from Kazakhstan and presented to the UKBG (UK Bartenders’s Guild) in Baku, the Azerbaijani venue in Knightbrige.

“The Midas Touch” – Gold dust with your drink sir?

Snow Queen Vodka was launched in 2004 and has won multiple plaudits and was named “Best Overall Vodka” by Imbibe Magazine in 2007. As with all wheat vodkas, the distinctive wheat notes come first and this time, it hits you followed by an undertone of spices.

Bartender Stefano Cossio (45 Park Lane) then took over presenting four suggested serves with Snow Queen which he encouraged everyone to experiment with and vary. Two sour serves, one martini variant and an Aperol aperitif.

  • The Midas Touch
    50ml Snow Queen, 25ml Vermouth plus a sprinkling of food grade gold dust
  • The Cloud
    50ml Snow Queen, 30ml Prucia, 25ml lemon juice
  • The Golden Era
    50ml Snow Queen, 100ml of pomegranate juice topped with crushed ice and julienned lime peel.
  • Paradise
    35ml Snow Queen, 35ml Aperol, 25ml sweet, 30ml lemon juice.

(Note: Above are subject to correction…)

Impressively Stefano focused heavily on the presentation element of bartending and how to talk around the use of ingredients such as egg-white to a nervous drinker. The gold dust of The Midas Touch was very impressive under dim lighting and I can see as a definite talking point in a busy bar. Congratulations to the UKBG for putting this together.


BRAND: Snow Queen Vodka
Ww: www.snowqueenvodka.com
Tw: @SnowQueenVodka

Ad: 165 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9QB (map)
Ww: www.bakulondon.com
Tw: @BAKU_London

ORGANISER: UK Bartenders Guild
Ww: www.ukbg.co.uk

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