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Q&A: Where can I good cocktail in Covent Garden?

UPDATE: (11-Oct-2012) There are also venues such as ‘Mishkins’ and ‘Hawksmoor Seven Dials’ but they are only licence for food with drink so they were not originally included.

FAQ: Where can I get a good cocktail in Covent Garden

Since I’ve been getting a few questions on the ‘Twitter-sphere’ I thought I’d give proper answers in blog form so others can find them.


@wilkes888 nice to meet you the other night. A friend is looking for a good coktail tonight round Cov Garden. Got any tips?

Source: @racheldbriggs Twitter

Covent Garden (and nearby Soho) have some awesome places to drink. Here are 3 ideas off the top of my head strictly from the Covent Garden area.

  • Covent Garden Cocktail Club (Great Newport Street)
    Ww: www.coventgardencocktailclub.co.uk
  • London Cocktail Club (Shaftesbury Avenue)
    Ww: www.londoncocktailclub.co.uk
  • Rules (Maiden Lane)
    Ww: www.rules.co.uk
  • London Cocktail Club is managed by ‘Sarah Mitchell’ who runs Juniper Society (a free bi-weekly Gin Tasting event). She is an absolute guru on gin so I would go there if you’re a fan. Like its (half) sister venue Covent Garden Cocktail Club, both know how to make exceptionally good cocktails and they are both fun bars. More importantly I believe they both still run 16h30 to 19h00 happy hours (2 for 1) on a selection of cocktails. (But do check before you go down).

    If you’re looking for something more refined and classic go to the bar hidden on the first floor or Rules Restaurant in Covent Garden. This place is run by 14 year pro of the bar ‘Chis Lacey’. As you might expect from London’s oldest restaurant this is a quieter, more sedate venue, but I’ve found that their stuff know their classics inside and out!

    Hope this helps Rachel!

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