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PHOTO ALBUM: Street Feast London @ Hackney Downs Studios (65 Pictures)

“Venison with Rocket & Juniper” by The Russet


Street Feast London
Hackney Downs Studios. Downs Park Rd, E5 8QJ

Street Feast, the popular Friday night streetfood market, has been trading at its new indoor home for the past few weeks. This was damn fortunate given the torrential rain that soaked London all weekend!

There was a live band playing and a DJ pumping out tunes. As with their last venue, there is table service available so you don’t even have to get up! New for the Hackney Downs Studios site is a small area with those selling books, clothing and craftwork.

Here are some shots of the dry indoor area and people being fed.

Streetfood vendors In order of appearance in the album below;

  1. Rainbo Food
  2. Bhangra Burger
  3. Horn OK Please
  4. Buen Provecho
  5. Vanduke
  6. Sweet Tooth Factory
  7. Sorbitium Ices
  8. Big Apple Hot Dogs
  9. Home Slice Pizza
  10. The Wild Game Co
  11. The Russet
  12. Pop Up Barbados
  13. Yum Jungle

Of particular note are The Wild Game Co with their awesome venison hock, plus the last few pictures of the ‘Home Slice Pizza’ lads and their ‘franken-food‘ creation of a ‘Bhangra Burger’ wrapped in pizza!

Apologies to Kimchi Cult, Motherflipper, Mama’s Jerk and anyone else I missed on the night!


Street Feast London (Every Friday 17h00-00h00)
Ad: Hackney Downs Studios. Downs Park Rd, E5 8QJ (map)
Ww: www.streetfeastlondon.com
Tw: @StreetFeastLDN

One comment on “PHOTO ALBUM: Street Feast London @ Hackney Downs Studios (65 Pictures)

  1. Lovely pictures, I’ve been there myself (and took some photos as well!) I think this evening market is probably one of the best markets in London! Also, it’s nice for a change to spend and evening outdoors yet indoors, eating yet not closed in a small posh restaurant…

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