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PHOTO ALBUM: An Audience with Chef Ferran Adria of the “El Bulli Foundation” (42 Pictures)

Chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli spoke in front of a packed London audience last night. Regarded by many to be the best chef in the world, he spoke about food, business and plans to reopen El Bulli as a centre of creativity, El Bulli Foundation.

Ferran Adria is one of the world’s most famous chefs. In 1987, he became the head chef of the El Bulli Restaurant and remained there until its closure in July 2011. During his tenure he took the Catalonian restaurant from a one star to a three Michelin star venue.

The charismatic chef addressed the crowd in Spanish via his interpreter. During his one hour talk, the covered the history and future of El Bulli including;

  • His decision to close for six months a year
  • Why El Bulli stopped serving lunch (at a cost of €1m a year)
  • Completely removing the ‘a la carte’ menu
  • His admiration for the efficiency of McDonalds (but not their food!)
  • The closure and transformation of El Bulli to the El Bulli Foundation for creativity
  • The problem with Wikipedia and the creation of ‘Bullipedia’

Ferran is an excellent speaker. Even communicating through his interpreter he easily kept the audience captivated with his analogies including ‘Lady Gaga’ and stories of discovering whether the public would be willing to pay €4 more for a better burger.

Many thanks to Telefonia, Epicurely and the Wayra UK Team for the invitation, fantastic canapés, their hospitality, and for hosting the event.

El Bulli Foundation
Ww: www.bullifoundation.org
Tw: @elBulli_oficial

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