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FIRST LOOK: The Giaconda Dining Room (First ‘Post Refurbishment’ Lunch Service)

SPECIAL: Pan fried lemon sole with cauliflower, potatoes and cos lettuce

The Giaconda Dining Room
9 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LS

The Giaconda Dining Room is a popular venue serving ‘Modern European’ cuisine. Situated in the middle of Denmark Street it closed to refurbish and to expand it’s tiny 2m x 2m kitchEN earlier this year. Denmark Street is London’s answer to ‘Tin Pan Alley’, Lined with guitar shops and basement recording studios. Music legends including Elton John and Jimi Hendrix wrote and recorded here while The Sex Pistols actually lived at number 6!

The Giaconda Dining Room

As if to prove the music providence of the rooms, David Coverdale (lead singer of Deep Purple and Whitesnake) walked in as I was ordering reminiscing about recording downstairs and his first visit with Elton John in the 70’s!

Regardless of your musical tastes, lunch here was excellent. I ordered the two specials of the day which were verbally given. Soup of the day “crab bisque” and fish of the day “lemon sole pan fried with cauliflower, potatoes and cos lettuce”.

The crab bisque was excellent and a generous portion. It was nicely smooth and creamy with not a hint of grittiness and lots of rich flavour. (I shouldn’t have to stress this, but surprisingly, I’ve been to venues where they seem to have holes in their sieves as I end-up crunching bits of shell).

Soup of the Day – Crab bisque

The main course of lemon sole was just as good. I was a little curious about how cauliflower would work with the sole. However I needn’t have worried as the florets were small and added a nice crunch to the dish. The sole still retained the ‘meatiness’ in texture and the cos lettuce was provided with a light dressing in a separate bowl. I didn’t ask the price but it appeared as £22.50 on the bill.

The bill, including the glass of wine, a double espresso with an interesting candied grapefruit slice was £38.50.

Bear in mind this is a SOFT opening, they are keeping this very low key and obviously they are keen to iron out any kinks in the service. The paint was still drying but that only caused one table to leave. Everyone else was very happy to eat, so if you’re sensitive I would wait until next week. Given the significant interest from loyal regulars, many surprised to see Giaconda Dining Rooms reopened, I don’t expect they will have issues filling the seats.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 12.00 to 2.30 pm
Monday to Saturday 5.30 to 10.00 pm.

Source: www.giacondadining.com (taken on 29-Oct-2012)

Giaconda Dining Room
Ad: Giaconda Dining Rooms
9 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LS
Ph: 0207 240 3334
Ww: www.giacondadining.com

IMPORTANT: This is a FIRST LOOK at a SOFT OPENING. For those of you who are unsure a soft opening allows a venue to tweak any issues with service and iron out any flaws with systems etc. Typically most venues give 50% off during these phases to compensate.

I have NOT taken any freebies/incentives from the venue.
I did not announce my visit
I did not tell them I was reviewing the venue


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