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OPENING DAY: Lupita East (Spitalfields) Mexican Café (20 Pictures)

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60-62 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT

Lupita claims “Authentic Mexican City Cuisine in London”. Following the success of their first London venue in Villiers Street, they have now opened a second venue, a few minutes walk from Spitalfields Market in the heart of The City.

Volcàn (Crispy tortillas with cactus and melted cheese served with salsa especial, salsa Mexicana and a touch of lime)

According to their website, Lupita isn’t a new player in the Mexican food market. They claim to have been running a venue called El Farolito, West of Mexico City for 50 years. However, most Londoners fans will know them for their Villiers Street site near Charing Cross/Embankment.

Now, I am NOT the best person to judge whether the food served was authentic as I am neither Mexican or have intimate knowledge of Mexican cuisine. However I can gladly say that I liked what I ordered. This was their first ‘proper’ service day, so taking that into account, I would happily return.

The waitress confirmed to me that the menu in Spitalfields is identical to their other Villiers Street restaurant. Guided by her, I ordered the Volcán (not a Star Trek inspired dish… but a “Crispy corn tortillas with either Arrachera steak, mushrooms, or cactus and melted cheese served with salsa Mexicana and a touch of lime”); and The Aguacate Relleno, (“A light and healthy option. Half of an avocado stuffed with Ceviche Sinaloense, topped with coriander and tortilla strips”) and a side of Chiles Toreados (Slowly-cooked green chiles with a pinch of salt, lime and our house sauces. Very Spicy)

Chiles Toreados (Slowly-cooked green chiles with a pinch of salt, lime and our house sauces. Very Spicy)

First of all, for those of you who love their hot chillis, you MUST order the Chiles Toreados (slow cooked green chilis) side dish. It is the ONLY item on the menu with a ‘3 chilli’ rating for a very good reason. It’s practically a dish of split hot chilis! Tasty but probably the same level of heat as a good dose of Encona West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce… spice wimps need not apply! As I love my hot food this was excellent accompaniment to the Volcán (steak filled tortilla).

The ‘Volcán’ was suitably loaded with small cubes of steak. Personally I would’ve liked to have the steak a little more rare but tasty nonetheless. The ‘Aguacate Relleno’ (Half avocado stuffed with Ceviche Sinaloense) was piled high with plump white shrimp flesh and served without the avocado skin. It was topped with chopped tomato and a very subtle coriander.

Service was unobtrusive and attentive, and staff dealt with some minor opening day queries and issues suitably. Looking at the bar I was pleasantly surprised that their tequila and mescal range was a lot more extensive than the 5 tequilas and 2 mescals that their menu suggested. After a brief chat with the bar and they informed me that a tequila bar will be opening in the basement in a few weeks time!


Lupita (Spitalfields)

Ad: Lupita East, 60-62 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LT (map)
Ww: www.lupita.co.uk
Tw: @LupitaUK



I HAVE NOT taken any freebies/incentives from the venue.
I DID NOT pre-announce my visit
I DID NOT introduce myself to the venue staff as someone who would be reviewing


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