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PHOTO ALBUM: “KERB Your Enthusiasm” Winter Party! (50 Pictures)

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KERB Winter Party
West Handyside Canopy, Next to Central St Martin’s, Kings Cross, N1C 4AA

This is the Winter Party from streetfood collective KERB. Held in the same “West Handyside Canopy” venue as their huge launch party in October, it was fortunately sheltered. A good move considering the winter wind and rain.

KERB Winter Party - Spit & Roast, Chicken Tonight?

KERB Winter Party – Spit & Roast, Chicken Tonight?

I would love to see KERB making this Thursday night extravaganza into a regular event. If not weekly, a monthly night market blow-out would be great. London Street Food has come a long way in the last few years. There are plenty of markets to ‘eat through’ at lunchtime, however there are fewer options for a regular ‘night-time-food-fix”. Off the top of my head, I can only think of ‘Street Feast’ on a Friday night at Hackney Downs Studios.

It would be fantastic to get a second regular night-market event for hungry Londoners. Who agrees?

(For more details on the traders and the food of the night see KERB’s website)




Ww: www.kerbfood.com
Tw: @KERB_

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