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REVIEW (OPENING DAY): Flatiron Steak, Soho (15 Pictures)


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FlatIron Steak
17 Beak Street, Soho, London, W1F 9RW

Good news steak fans! FlatIron Steak have opened their new 60 seater venue in Beak Street, Soho. Can a venue which serves ONE cut of meat and ONE size really thrive? At just £10 for an tasty 200g cut of tender steak, I definitely think they will.

Flatiron Steak (Soho) - Med-rare flatiron steak

Flatiron Steak (Soho) – Med-rare flatiron steak

Following a hugely successful 6 week ‘pop-up’ venture this summer, FlatIron Steak has now opened a permanent venue in the heart of Soho, near Carnaby Street. Like many other successful venues in London they run with the “do one thing and so it well” concept. There is only ONE main course which is their 200g flatiron cut of steak… so if you’re a veggie/vegan/practising Hindu… visit the bar instead.

This flatiron cut is reputed to be a great but inexpensive cut of beef. Depending on your source, it is either a modern miracle of butchery launched into stardom by a US University Study… or a lot of hype. (See “Flat Iron Steak, hype or heart?”). To be honest, I don’t really care as the steak was awesome. FlatIron Steak owner, Charlie Carroll, formally of Wahaca, started this entire business on after asking himself ‘how do you get an amazing steak at reasonable prices?’ (Source: http://www.lovefood.com)

The menu is a very simple, one steak, and few salad sides, creamed spinach and chips. That’s it! Only 10 items, four of which are sauces! The drinks menu is a selection of 10 wines plus 3 beers. They tell me that the bar will have 6 cocktails, and interestingly there will be a dessert selection downstairs, in the bar.

Flatiron Steak (Soho) - Steak, Chips and Salad

Flatiron Steak (Soho) – Steak, Chips and Salad

My medium-rare steak arrived within 10 minutes on a warm stone and pre-sliced. The inclusive side salad served alongside was smaller than I recall from the pop-ups.

The Beef Dripping Chips are exactly as they sound, very rich and decadent, reminding me of good roast potatoes. My side of “Sophie’s Salad” (Blue Cheese, Candied Pecans, Lemon Dressing) was very interesting, the smooth textures of the blue cheese and the crunch of the pecans offset each other well.

The star of show was most definitely the steak and quite rightly so. Fantastically buttery with a slight nutty taste and still pink on the inside (In a post-lunch chat with Charlie I found this was due to their use of Beurre noisette). The creaminess is fantastic and I found that it doesn’t need any sauce. Just like their pop-up in Shoreditch, it was so good I found myself eating the steak separately from the sides.

Flatiron Steak (Soho) - Complimentary Side Salad

Flatiron Steak (Soho) – Complimentary Side Salad

Most definitely yes, if you’ve had your fill of burgers, but you don’t want to go for a full steakhouse experience this is a fantastic alternative. Yes, there is only one cut of steak, but they do it very well. I even pondered having a second portion.

Quite frankly… I’m struggling to find anything to criticise. Service was great, the food was excellent, as expected from their popup, and good value for money. Maybe there should be an option to for a larger 300g steak (instead of 200g) as I was not the only one considering a second portion before (sensibly) deciding against. But I am really picking at straws. Come hungry at dinner and grab two!

IMPORTANT: Bring cash during the first week, they are not set up credit cards yet.

FlatIron Steak
Ad: 17 Beak Street, Soho, London, W1F 9RW (map)
Ww: flatironsteak.co.uk
Tw: @FlatIronSteak

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