FEATURE: ‘Ginger Pig’ vs ‘Greggs’ – Sausage roll stand off!

October 24, 2012 at 12:22PM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/RKchfiiczZ/

Sausage Roll Wars – The Ginger Pig vs Greggs The Baker

Since I posted the review of The Ginger Pig’s Sausage rolls I received several comments comparing The Ginger Pig‘s rolls to the rolls by Greggs The Baker. (e.g. “that’s the ANTI GREGG’s roll”. So… in the interests of fairness here’s a Greggs vs Ginger Pig comparison. (Picture: LEFT:- Ginger Pig, RIGHT:- Greggs)

Taking a single bought-over-the-counter Ginger Pig Sausage roll and comparing it to the same from Greggs. I asked three simple questions.

  • Q1. How much meat do you get in a roll?
    What percentage of each roll is meat (by weight)?
  • Q2. Is the sausage roll value for money?
    What is the per kilo cost for the sausage roll?
  • Q3. Is the meat in the sausage roll value for money?
    What is the per kilo cost for ONLY the meat only in the sausage roll?

Sausage Roll Face Off
October 24, 2012 at 03:12PM via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/RKv-7qCc98/



Well, there’s a whopping 72% meat in a Ginger Pig Roll verses a paltry 41% in a Gregg’s Sausage Roll, no surprises for anywhere who can see the photos! (Ans. Q1)

However, the surprise is that, on a price per kilo basis, Ginger Pig is actually more expensive than Greggs by 20%. (Ans. Q2) So for those of you who don’t care about the meat to pastry ratio, Greggs is the better bet.

The problem is, without exception, the people I have spoken to are more interested in the meat than the pastry. In that case, Ginger Pig is a far better bet as Greggs is 33% more expensive when you just consider the weight of the meat . (Ans. Q3)


Well it’s clear that Ginger Pig has more meat and is better value for money in the meat stakes. However, for those looking for a cheaper alternative Greggs The Baker is better value, that is if you think all meat is the same. Rather alarmingly the Greggs sausage meat is a dull grey hue rather than more traditional pink colour. Also I have heard a lone voice saying that the Ginger Pig sausage rolls are “too meaty” so maybe it’s down to personal taste. However I definitely know which one I would rather have for lunch.

CONTESTANT 1: The Ginger Pig
Ww: www.thegingerpig.co.uk
Tw: @GingerPigLTD

CONTESTANT 2: Greggs The Baker
Ww: www.greggs.co.uk
Tw: @GreggsTheBaker



For those of you interested in the calculations.

Q1. Pastry to Meat Ratio (By Weight)
GREGGS 41% Meat (34g Meat Weight / 81g Total Weight)
GINGER PIG 72% Meat (189g Meat Weight / 262g Total Weight)

Q2. Price by Kg of Sausage Roll (meat & pastry)
GINGER PIG £13.35 per kg (£3.50 per roll / 0.262 Kg per roll)
GREGGS £11.11 per kg (£0.90 per roll / 0.034 Kg per roll)

So GINGER PIG rolls are more expensive per Kilo by 20%.

Q3. Price by Kg of Sausage Roll (Meat Only)
GINGER PIG £18.51 per kg (£3.50 per roll / 0.189 Kg of meat per roll)
GREGGS £24.67 per Kg (£0.90 per roll / 0.034 Kg of meat per roll)

So GREGGS rolls are more expensive per Kilo of meat by 33%.

4 comments on “FEATURE: ‘Ginger Pig’ vs ‘Greggs’ – Sausage roll stand off!

  1. Love the photos Wilkes and having discovered English sausage rolls on a trip to visit the UK when I was a kid – I fell in love with the sausage rolls served on the British Rail train we took from Liverpool to London – I can fully appreciate this posting. Here’s to all good sausage rolls. I am sure the one’s I had on that train ride 35 years ago were more of the Gregg’s variety but I remember them all these years later none the less. I will look forward to trying the Ginger Pig sausage rolls when we are in the UK for the holidays. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think the important point is that sausage rolls aren’t always the same!

    See “RECOMMENDED: @GingerPigLtd for the most amazing (and largest) Sausage roll ever!” for my initial review and more details on the Ginger Pig rolls which are over 250g each!

  3. Not even comparable. . It’s like having a meal from the Dorchester v’s a can of dog food!! Leave the tight arse’s to their dirty one pound sausage rolls from greggs and their fake meat… don’t be giving away our ginger pig secret 😉

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