BREAKING BURGER NEWS: Rare and Medium Rare Burgers to be Banned by Westminster Council

Patty & Bun Joe (Launch Party) - Burger Cross Sections

Patty & Bun Joe (Launch Party) – Burger Cross Sections

UPDATE 3: 11-Dec-2012 19h45 – Added link to press release from Westminster Council denying press claims

UPDATE 2: 10-Dec-2012 13h45 – Added link to article from Caterer &Hotelkeeper stating that Westminster Council has DENIED banning rare burgers

UPDATE 1: 10-Dec-2012 13h14 – Added comment from Joe Grossman of Patty & Bun Joe and feedback comment from The Standard

The Evening Standard has reported that Westminster Council is likely to prevent the sale of ‘medium rare’ or ‘rare’ burgers following an inspection of Davy’s.

“After routine inspections by environmental health officers, Westminster council challenged the way Davy’s was serving its £13.95 burgers at one of its restaurants in central London. Davy’s has taken the case to the High Court, which experts say could set a legal precedent as to whether or not diners will be able to order meat rare.”

Source: – Evening Standard

This is a ridiculous move. Where will this end? After all, I’ve had food poisoning from a raw oyster… so will all seafood venues be forced to cook their oysters too? Raw eggs may contain salmonella, so logically it should follow that both raw eggs and runny eggs should be completely banned.

Ultimately, if raw egg and raw mince are banned that implies ‘Steak Tartar’ should be illegal twice over. After all, that’s a raw egg on freshly minced beef.

Joe Grossman, owner of the recently opened Patty & Bun Joe, commented…

“My feeling on it, is that it comes down to trusting your butcher and the sourcing of the meat along with the cooking process – all our meat is grass fed aberdeen angus and we get our patties in hand pressed from a trusted source, HG Walter. We follow the industry standards of cooking to 70 degree core temp.”

– Joe Grossman (Patty & Bun Joe)

Condemnation and surprise on twitter has already been swift amongst the burger community.

“awful. That’s what ruined the Hawksmoor Spitalfield burger at the start of the year. That used to be the best one ever”
– Source: Twitter, Private direct message

“Wow that’s pretty epic @wilkes888 … and would ruin the taste and USP of burgers at all the small burger joints!”
– Twitter, @Love2Feed

“no WAY…. never”
– Source: Twitter, @HotBarChicklet

“The Guardian ran an article showing that 75% of UK oysters are infected with Norovirus, which sickens most of London between September and May. These busybodies would be better off reducing the spread of that then worrying about a few hamburgers.”
– Source: Evening Standard, Mutley10G (comments section)

“Awful news. Thanks for the heads up. Think a petition is in order…”
– Twitter, @HonestBurgers

However, in an article by Caterer & Hotelkeeper it appears that Westminster Council have DENIED the reports of banning rare burgers. This is backed up by a press release from the City of Westminster Council website

Here’s what I think of Westminster Council’s Ban… from the words of the late great George Carlin “Fear of Germs” (Warning: NSFW)

2 comments on “BREAKING BURGER NEWS: Rare and Medium Rare Burgers to be Banned by Westminster Council

  1. Totally insane. Really hoping the High Court Judge likes their meat rare….

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