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KICKSTART A RIBMAN: A Ribman is for a life of hot sauce… not just for XMas

Mark “The Rib Man” Gevaux needs your help to keep up with demand for his awesome range of blasphemous hot sauces including “Holy Fuck”, “Christ on a Bike”, “Holy Mother of God” and the insanely spicy “Judas it’s Scarey Hot”!

The Rib Man's "Holy Fuck" and "Christ on a Bike" Sauces

The Rib Man’s “Holy Fuck” and “Christ on a Bike” Sauces

For those who have been following me for the last year, you will know one of my favourite characters of the London Street Food scene is The Ribman (Mark Geveax). This ex-butcher lost his leg (and consequently his former career) in a car accident, then turned to cooking ribs on the streets on London.

Mark has been dedicated in getting up when most other street food vendors are still in bed to start slow cooking ribs for lunchtime customers. Yes, his ribs and rib rolls are great, but his range of hot sauces have become so popular that he is looking to raise £10,000 to keep up with rising demand.

Hardeep Singh Kohli... suffering from Ribman hot wings

Hardeep Singh Kohli… suffering from Ribman hot wings

Kickstarter pledges start from £10 in exchange for 2 bottles of Holy Fuck, his “mildest” hot sauce, to £1,000 the hire The Ribman to come and cook ribs at your summer party for up to 50 guests! (UK Only).

Six days into the project he has over 300 pledges and is at 65% of his target. The money will be used to purchase and convert a shipping container into a kitchen and refrigerated storage unit.

Hardcore fans have been buying the £50 pledge for all the sauces including a one off ‘special’ for Kickstarter backers. However, for those of you “who think you’re hard enough” and have never tried these sauces, there is a £15 pledge which will get you the mildest and hottest sauce in the range to try. But bewarned. This is no Encona Hot Pepper sauce, this is a great deal hotter! If you can handle this you must have a lead lined mouth…

WARNING: This video shows you what happened to people who consumed just two hot wings coated with Judas It’s Scary Hot sauce from last year’s Blue Kitchen “Wings Eating” competition.


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    Tw: @TheRibman

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