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Google Local and Chin Chin Labs ‘Ice Cream Experiment’ (37 Pics)


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Chin Chin Laboratorists
49-50 Camden Lock Place, Camden, London, NW1 8AF (map)

Chin Chin Labs is the UK’s first ‘Liquid Nitrogen’ ice cream parlour. They create ultra smooth ice cream almost instantly by adding -196°C liquid nitrogen to their ice cream mixture. Google Local kindly invited us to join Chin Chin Labs at their home in Camden Lock Market for an #IceCreamExperiment to ‘have-a-go’ for ourselves.

Separated at birth? Katie Poole and 'Po' of the Teletubbies

Separated at birth? Katie Poole and ‘Po’ of the Teletubbies

The last time I played with liquid nitrogen I froze grapes and threw them across a room to show how freezing turns soft fruit into easy-to-shatter fun. This same process is used by Chin Chin Labs of Camden to create ice cream in seconds, rather than hours. After a safety briefing, goggles, protective gloves and signing a legal disclaimer we were let loose to experiment with toppings, ice cream mix and lots of dangerously cold nitrogen. Choosing from a caramel, vanilla or chocolate base most threw on multiple combos of “Chocolate Dipped Chips”, “Hazel Crunch”, “Heather Honeycomb”, “Raspberry Sauce”, “Grilled White Chocolate” and “Fizz Powder”.

Kudos to everyone who made weird and wonderful concoctions. Especially Katie Poole who provided the photo of the night against the Google Local ‘Pin’ icon.

Many thanks to Google Local London for the invitation and especially Ahrash Akbari-Kalhur and the team at Chin Chin Labs for opening late for us.


  • VINE VIDEO: Making liquid nitrogen ice cream at @ChinChinLabs
  • VINE VIDEO: How to make Ice Cream by @KatherinePoole @GoogleLocalLDN #IceCreamExperiment
  • PHOTO ALBUM: @Camden_Lock Night Market (26 Pictures) feat @ChinChinLabs & @TheFrenchieUK
  • PHOTO: @ChinChinLabs “Liquid Nitrogen” #IceCream, OlympicToasted #Marshmallow Edition!
  • PHOTO: NEW SPECIAL: Fried Apple #Doughnut #IceCream @ChinChinLabs
  • BREAKING NEWS: ChinChin Labs – New Ice Cream Special! Deep Fried Apple Doughnut Ice Cream (07-13 Jul)
  • Chin Chin Laboratorists
    Ad: 49-50 Camden Lock Place, Camden, London, NW1 8AF (map)
    Ww: www.chinchinlabs.com
    Fb: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Chin-Chin-Laboratorists/133267400038990
    Tw: @ChinChinLabs

    Google Local London
    Gg: +GoogleLocalLondon

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