Enjoying a slice of Dexter Morgan’s life. Literally.

Excellent promotion of Dexter’s final series with cake!

Emma Thomas (Miss Cakehead)

UPDATE: See Michael C Hall discussing the Dexter cake live on Jimmy Kemmell below (01:30 onwards)

“It goes beyond what Dexter himself would do”

There are no words to describe how much I loved working on this amazing Dexter Series 8 project, and what an honour to help launch the final ever series of something I am a HUGE fan of. Needless to say Annabel nailed the Dexter cake she was asked to make for the project – her talent astonishes me.

Here’s the press release:

Life sized cake replica of Dexter created (and sliced up) to mark the start of the final series, Sunday 7th July at 9pm First on FOX.

To celebrate the final series of Dexter starting on FOX, the entertainment channel has given media a slice of his life – literally! A full sized Dexter cake – created by food artist Annabel de Vetten –…

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2 comments on “Enjoying a slice of Dexter Morgan’s life. Literally.

  1. […] stepsister which no-one talks about in polite tea-sipping cake circles. Past projects include a life sized cake of ‘Dexter’ for the final series of HBO’s hit show about a serial killer. The lifelike cake was cling […]

  2. […] who is well known for her unusual and sometimes macabre projects. This includes the recent ‘Dexter Cake‘, where a life-size cake of HBO ‘s ‘good guy serial killer’ was sliced up […]

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