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WHAT TO EXPECT: Feast London, Brick Lane Yard (70 Pics)


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Feast London
Brick Lane Yard, Buxton Street Gate, (cnr Buxton Street/Brick Lane), London, E1 5ER (map)

The awesome ‘Feast London‘ team are back! This time the food festival specialists are in Brick Lane Yard (near the Truman Brewery). They list 33 traders, not only streetfood favourites like Patty & Bun Joe, Big Apple Hot Dogs and Yum Bun, but also popular London restaurants like Mishkin’s, Brindisa and Spuntinos.

Feast London Jul 2013 - The Rum Kitchen

Feast London Jul 2013 – The Rum Kitchen

“What’s the best thing there?”

I get this question a lot! There are so many good looking morsels on offer and no-one could possibly try them all so it’s difficult to answer. However, my favourite picks of the day were the Pig & Butcher‘s Pork Ribs, The Flatiron Steak‘s slow cooked wagyu beef, and the Hix’s Fish Dogs with The Rib Man‘s Holy F*ck Tartare sauce. The incredibly popular Patty & Bun Joe was mobbed by fans for burgers, Yum Bun and Bao were also in demand. A huge queue also formed at the “When Mac Met Cheese” stand.

Feast London Jul 2013 - Pig & Butcher, ribs!

Feast London Jul 2013 – Pig & Butcher, ribs!

Pig & Butcher‘s Pork Ribs were excellent. Nice and soft, they are cut as a double rib and smothered in an interesting dandelion and burdock baste. At £5 this is an absolute bargain for meat lovers.

Feast London Jul 2013 - Flat Iron Steak's Wagu Beef served with horseradish cream

Feast London Jul 2013 – Flat Iron Steak’s Wagu Beef served with horseradish cream

Flatiron Steak usually serves a succulent cut of beef from their Soho venue. However, at Feast London they are serving cuts of melt-in-the-mouth amazing Wagyu beef. I overheard one girl tell her friend

This [Flatiron wagyu] steak is giving me multiple orgasms

while she was eating it… now that’s a testimonial.

Hix’s Fish Dogs had a hot surprise. They have a unique dish of battered fish fillet in a hot dog roll which is usually served with piped minted mushy peas and tartare sauce. However, they have now stepped it up by serving it with Tartare Sauce spiced up with a generous helping of The RibMan‘s ‘infamous’ naga chilli loaded ‘HolyF&ck‘ sauce. If you like fish and spice this is definitely a must try… especially as I believe it’s a limited edition!

Feast London Jul 2013 - The Summer 'Meringue Kisses' Selection

Feast London Jul 2013 – The Summer ‘Meringue Kisses’ Selection

The complete list of traders is After Hours, Apera, Sayam Legend, Background Bars, Bao, Big Apple Hot Dogs, Breddos Tacos, Bonnie Gull, Brindisa, Caravan, Copita, Detox Kitchen, Flat Iron, Fundi Pizza, Hix’s Fish Dogs, James Lowe, Kimchinary, Kitchenette, Les Crepes Des Delices, Le Petit Paris, Meringue Girls, Mike &Amp; Ollie, Miss Manchu, Mishkin’S, Monikers, Moro, Mumma Schnitzel, Patty And Bun, Pomp De Franc, Pig &Amp; Butcher, Ricarepa, The Rum Kitchen, Salt Yard, Spuntino, When Mac Met Cheese, Yum Bun, Whitechapel Dining Room. If you can’t find anything here to satisfy your hunger… you’re probably allergic to food.

NOTE: Street Feast, Brick Lane Yard runs from Thu 04th Jul until Sun 7th Jul 2013. See www.wefeastlondon.com for booking and latest information

Many thanks to Feast London and Nourish PR for their invitation and hospitality

Feast London
Ad: Brick Lane Yard, Buxton Street Gate, (Corner of Buxton Street and Brick Lane), London, E1 5ER (map)
Ww: www.wefeast.co.uk
Tw: @WeFeastLondon

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